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  • Animal Behaviour and Training Council
  • Animal Behaviour and Training Council
  • Animal Behaviour and Training Council
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BSI Code of Business Ethics

The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the chartered body for UK National Standards. Sir John Wolfe-Barry, the designer of London’s Tower Bridge, called the first meeting over a century ago and a Royal Charter was awarded in 1929.

The Animal Behaviour and Training Council Ltd successfully applied for membership of the Institution based on its aims, constitution and procedures in March 2015.

Membership of the BSI clearly demonstrates the ABTC’s serious commitment to challenging mediocrity and achieving excellence through the application of quality concepts, principles and techniques.

BSI Code of Business Ethics

Membership no.47554062

This Code of Business Ethics has been incorporated into ABTC policy from BSI Group policy statement.

1. As one of its core values, the Animal Behaviour and Training Council Ltd (ABTC) believes that integrity in its dealings with others is a pre- requisite for sustainable business growth and successful, long-standing relationships.
2. The ABTC is committed to conducting itself fairly, honestly and lawfully in all its dealings with its members, business partners and the communities in which it operates.
3. The ABTC will not tolerate corrupt behaviour by or on behalf of its members, or business partners4. Through the strict application of its internal rules, policies and procedures:

  • ABTC prohibits practices which seek to increase business other than through legitimate and ethical sales and marketing efforts;
  • ABTC seeks to maintain the confidentiality of its members’ and business partners’ commercial and personal information;
  • ABTC agents and other representatives are prohibited from giving or receiving money or gifts which could be construed as bribes;
  • ABTC seeks to conduct its business activities in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner;
  • ABTC places high priority on the health and safety of anybody affected by its business activities;

5. The ABTC competes in its various markets vigorously but honestly and fairly in accordance with this Code of Business Ethics and competition laws applicable in the relevant jurisdictions. In particular:

  • ABTC will not favour any one organisation over another
  • ABTC will not engage in restrictive trade practices or other forms of anti-competitive behaviour;
  • ABTC members will not divulge confidential or proprietary information relating to ABTC or its partners in their dealings with others;

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