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AGM 2019 President’s Report

As each year passes there is ever more demand on the pool of expertise that ABTC represents from outside agencies although it has to be said that much of our energy is now focussed on achieving RCVS accreditation. Following two productive meetings preparations are well under way internally and as ABTC will be the first such regulator of paraprofessionals to go through the system the RCVS is concurrently engaged in formalising its procedures. The hope is that success can be achieved by the end of the year which will mark a fitting way to celebrate ten years since the meeting at the Royal Veterinary College in London that resolved to create ABTC.

Matters on the political front have shown a marked scaling down over the last year as the Brexit effect has taken hold and dominated the political landscape but no matter how that conundrum resolves itself it seems that European cooperation and involvement will continue. It is pleasing to see that animal welfare can transcend political borders.

The condition of the wider sector remains unchanged with unverified claims of expertise and further attempts at regulation outside of ABTC surfacing on a virtually annual basis. This year has seen the launch of yet another attempt to bring people together despite the failure of similar ventures in the past. Whilst we applaud any such ventures aimed at unifying the sector it seems counterproductive when the institution that is recognised and supported by the establishment already exists in ABTC. The recurring theme is one of promoting the elements of regulation that are easily agreed upon while ignoring the difficult issues that mark the difference between a group of practitioners who self-declare their worth and a rigorously regulated register of independently verified professionals.

For the moment the state of confusion for people joining the industry therefore remains and resistance to true regulation is still widely demonstrated but the gap between the two divisions of the sector is widening and in time, I am convinced, clarity will prevail.

David Montgomery

President ABTC

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